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  • Introduction 

    The evolution of the different geological periods is not only one of the hot issues and the focus of the whole world of modern scientific research, it also has a great social effect and international influence. The research team on Paleontology and Paleochemistry (PalPac) is facing the emerging interdisciplinary field, focusing on the research of organic remains in fossils, the origin and evolution of tetrapods, and the evolution of early life in the earth. Our research involves many basic disciplines and applied science, including chemistry, geosciences, biology, archaeology, environmental science, evolution, restoration, physiology and computer graphics, etc. The research feature of this team is the integration of paleochemistry analyses, physical spectroscopy, microcomputerized tomography, synchrotron radiation, neutron tomography and other advanced methods and techniques, for the discovery and high-resolution research of organic remains (such as protein collagen) in paleontological fossils.

    Research Interest

    1. Research on the organic remains in fossils, it will use interdisciplinary research means including but not limited to paleochemistry analyses, physical spectroscopic, medical imaging, synchrotron radiation facilities, as well as neutron tomography to search for the organic remains inside fossils (such as protein collagen), and optimally finding the preservation mechanism, and then the applications prospect of organic remains in fossil.

    2. Research on the origin and the evolution of Tetrapods include studies of Paleozoic amniotic fossils, the phylogeny of dinosaurs and birds, the research of the development of selected individual dinosaur, the research on the internal structure of dinosaur fossils, and the evolution of Cretaceous terrestrial vertebrates.

    3. Research on the Earth early life evolution including the research on Ediacaran body fossils, and the study on the macro-evolution of ancient life.