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    Global Recruitment of 2020 JLU “Dingxin Scholar” Program for High Pressure Science and Technology Research Team of International Center of Future Science (Postdoctoral Program)
    August 24, 2020
  • Jilin University (JLU) “Dingxin Scholar” Program is tailored for young talents at their early academic career stage. JLU provides cutting-edge platforms, an innovation-driven environment for scientific research, and a high-quality benefit package, allowing young scholars to fully devote themselves to academic exploration and scientific innovation at the critical stage of their early career, so as to bring about original and new thoughts, theories, methodologies and techniques. Under the framework of the JLU “Dingxin Scholar” Program, the International Center of Future Science (ICFS) of JLU is actively recruiting outstanding young talents with a vision of innovation and dedication in scientific research from home and abroad.

    About ICFS
    Established in 2016, ICFS serves as a major academic window and a special talents zone of JLU led by Professor YU Jihong, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the foreign member of Academia Europaea. Focused on the newest development of international science and technology and oriented to the national major strategic demand, ICFS is dedicated to carry out scientific frontier research and applied research through international cooperation and interdisciplinary collaboration. It aims to bring out epoch-making academic thoughts and new outstanding interdisciplinary results, and strives to build a world-class center for science and innovation. ICFS is the first “International Talent Recruitment Center” co-founded by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and a university and was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the National Center for International Research. ICFS has 7 research teams working on different research fields including Advanced Energy and Environmental Materials. By way of “masters + teams”, each team is co-headed by foreign chief scientists (academicians from occident countries) and Chinese chief scientists (leading talents of JLU) to tackle key challenges together.
    ICFS Website:

    High Pressure Science and Technology (HPST)
    The high-pressure science and technology team is committed to the development of computational method and high-pressure experimental techniques for condensed matters, exploring new physics and chemistry of materials under high-pressure and other extreme conditions, e.g., the development of a scientific computing software platform that integrates structural search and design, first-principles calculations, and molecular dynamics simulation; the development of a comprehensive high-pressure experimental platform that integrates electrical, magnetic, and optical measurements; the exploration of key high-pressure physics problems, such as metallization of hydrogen and composition of the inner planet; innovative design and experimental preparation of high-pressure phase functional materials, including superhard, superconducting, and high energy density materials. Professor Yanming Ma from Jilin University is the chief scientist of the team.

    Research Area 1: High pressure science and technology
    Supervisor: Prof. Yanming Ma, "National Ten Thousand Talents Program" – Leading Talents, Recipient of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Chairman of Jilin Physical Society, Deputy Director of Committee on Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Physics of Chinese Physical Society, Vice Chairman of Computational Physics Branch of Chinese Nuclear Society, Associate Editor of Computational Materials Science, Editorial board member of Journal of Physics, Chemistry Letter, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, and Scientific Reports.
    Personal Homepage: http://icfs.jlu.edu.cn/info/1305/1240.htm
    Email: mym@jlu.edu.cn
    Requirements: The candidates should have a research background in high-pressure physics/computational physics. Priority is given to the candidate who has a strong independent scientific research ability and is a team person love to help others.

    Research Area 2: Structure and physical properties of novel superhard materials
    Supervisor: Prof. Quan Li, Recipient of Excellent Young Scientists Fund, Youth Executive Editor of Chin. Phys. Lett. and Chin. Phys. B.
    Personal Homepage: http://icfs.jlu.edu.cn/info/1305/1244.htm
    Email: liquan777@jlu.edu.cn
    Requirements: The applicants should have a research background in computational physics/materials/chemistry, good English writing skills, and collaborative spirit.

    Research Area 3: Materials design of room-temperature superconductor under high pressure
    Supervisor: Prof. Hanyu Liu, Editorial Board Member of Current Chinese Science.
    Personal Homepage: http://icfs.jlu.edu.cn/info/1305/1243.htm
    Email: hanyuliu@jlu.edu.cn
    Requirements: Ph. D in condensed matter physics; Familiar with density functional theory and first-principles computing software; Good oral and written English skills; Working hard and a strong passion for science.

    Remuneration and Benefits
    The salary shall be 300,000-350,000 RMB/year (pre-tax), paid on a monthly basis for two years, and the salary will be 400,000-450,000 RMB (pre-tax) if the candidate at the same time receives funding from the National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents. Dingxin Scholars will be provided with well-decorated housing, as well as subsidies for heating during winter. They enjoy the privilege of the medical plan and preferential policy for their dependent children to attend kindergarten, primary and secondary schools attached to JLU. They can also apply for funds and allowances for attending top-level international conferences.

    1. Applicants should hold a doctoral degree from:
    a. the world top 300 universities or the top 1‰ disciplines in ESI outside China’s mainland or
    b. Universities or disciplines supported by Double World-class Initiative in China.
    The researchers who have obtained a doctoral degree or have been engaged in post-doctoral research in the world top scientific research teams led by Nobel Prize laureates, Turing Award winners, Fields Medal winners or academicians are also eligible for application.
    2. Applicants should be under 35 years old.
    3. Generally, applicants shall have obtained a doctoral degree within the last three years. Fresh PhD graduates of 2020 are given priority in consideration.
    4. Applicants shall undertake to work full time as postdoctoral fellows at JLU after commencing the program.
    Candidates will be assessed based on their academic achievements, research capabilities, development potential, their research proposals’ innovativeness and potential contribution to the development of the discipline.

    Interested applicants should directly contact the supervisors of the AEEM research team with whom you would like to work, and send the following documents in ONE PDF file to their email addresses. (Please find above the contact to each supervisor)
    1. Dingxin Scholar Program Application Form. (Appendix 1)
    2. Certificates: Scanned copies of doctoral degree certificates and diplomas. Fresh PhD graduates who have not yet obtained the above-mentioned certificates shall provide scanned copies of their student ID and supporting documents issued by their university to prove their qualification for the doctoral degree.
    3. Academic achievements:
    a. Full-text scanned copy of doctoral degree dissertation.
    b. Up to 3 documents of the following categories: published papers, monographs, patents or awards, representing the applicant’s highest level in academic research achievements. The scanned copy of full text should be provided for published papers; the scanned copy of cover, contents page and abstract should be provided for monographs; the scanned copies of certificates should be provided for patents or awards.
    4. Two letters of recommendation signed and provided by applicant’s PhD supervisor and peer experts. (Appendix 2)

    Chinese applicants please refer to http://icfs.jlu.edu.cn/info/1007/1594.htm

    Selection Timeline
    The second round of application and review
    September 1st - September 15th, 2020: Submission of Application
    September 16th - September 25th, 2020: Screening by JLU Schools or Colleges
    October - November, 2020: Selection and Final Results Announcement by JLU

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