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Research Teams
Millimeter Microwave Technology and Applications
As the consequences of climate change and ozone hole become more visible..
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Advanced Metallic Materials
In order to solve the problems of high cost, low dosage and poor formability of titanium and titanium alloys, the adv...
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Advanced Energy and Environmental Materials
Facing the global sustainability issues arising from the rapid industry development and population increase..
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High Pressure Science and Technology
Pressure as a fundamental thermodynamic variable can induce new phenomenon and effect not accessible..
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Paleontology and Paleochemistry
Research on the evolution of different geological periods is not only one of the hot issues in modern science..
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Artificial Intelligence
Striving to develop a series of algorithms with theoretical properties and contributing to AI’s applications in..
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Strategic advanced electronic materials
Strategic advanced electronic material
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Translational Immunology
Translational immunology is a concept coming from translational medicine, the essence of which is to deeply..
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