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  • Introduction 

    Artificial intelligence has become a technological innovation hotspot, and is expected to applied to various fields. Our team aims at enhancing our capacity for scientific and technological innovation based on the basic theory and key common technologies of artificial intelligence. We mainly focus on the knowledge engineering, including big data intelligence, computational knowledge engine and knowledge services. We also develop the theory, new architecture and new technologies of hybrid-augmented intelligence, which closely couples the advanced cognitive mechanism of complex problem analysis and response with the machine intelligence system. Further, our team endeavors to deeply apply these relevant theories and techniques into some key fields, including "AI + vehicle" and "AI + bio-medical", to assistant the development of China's economy and society.

    Research Interest

    Research on knowledge computing

    Multi-source heterogeneous data brings great challenges to traditional machine learning, data analysis and knowledge mining methods. Our team will develop innovative theories and methods on this, including (i) new analytical techniques for streaming data and complex high-dimensional data, (ii) big data mining techniques for multi-source heterogeneous data, which is also lack of prior knowledge and under uncertain conditions, and (iii) automatic knowledge extraction, discovery and reasoning, and knowledge graphs construction for specific field.

    Research on the theory, new architecture and new technologies of hybrid-augmented intelligence

    At present, the information transfer efficiency between humans and machines is far from achieving human-machine collaboration and mutual promotion in a real sense. Our team will study the task modeling, environmental modeling and human behavior modeling under the conditions of uncertainty, vulnerability and openness. In addition, we will develop “human-in-the-loop” method and hybrid-augmented intelligence method, which couples the advanced cognitive mechanism of people on complex problem analysis and response with the machine intelligence system, to avoid decision-making mistake and system out of control due to the limitations of artificial intelligence technology.

    Research on the applications of artificial intelligence

    Our team is committed to deeply and widely applying artificial intelligence to some key fields, including bio-medical, vehicle, and etc.

    For "AI + bio-medical", we will study the key technologies of knowledge-driven smart medical question answering system and smart medical assistant decision-making. Artificial intelligence technologies will also be utilized to exploit medical information from examination reports and identify biomarkers for complex disease.

    Regarding "AI + vehicle", we are going to make a breakthrough in the cutting-edge technologies of deep reinforcement learning, swarm intelligence, and human-machine hybrid-augmented intelligence, to solve the problem of dynamic simulation and virtual testing of intelligent networked vehicles. We will develop software - hardware virtual test platform, which is composed of driver in loop, meteorological simulation, traffic environment simulation, environmental sensor simulation and etc, to create seamless tool and data chains from off-line simulation, real-time simulation to real vehicle testing.